Every man knows that as they get older they have to worry about their prostate health. Why not get proactive about your prostate and take a supplement that promotes prostate health before problems occur? That’s where Prost-Tech comes in, Prost-Tech is a product that is professionally formulated with a blend of natural herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals that will help promote a healthy prostate.

Prostate Formula with Beta SistosterolAs with all Mountain Song supplements, Prost-Tech contains no soy, sugar, gluten, salt, yeast, milk or egg products or preservatives. It is a natural way to help keep your prostate healthy so that you do not have prostate problems.

This Prostate formula ingredients that have been researched heavily and are known to help promote a healthy prostate.

Ingredients for prostate health

Saw Palmetto Berry extract – This helps decrease the size of the prostate for those that have an enlarged prostate. It also helps reduce prostate pain as well as improve prostate function.

African Pygeum Bark Extract – This helps with the frequent urge to go, especially at night, although it does help with the frequent urge to go during the day too.

Stinging Nettle Extract – Another natural remedy for enlarged prostates, it is the most popular all natural remedy of choice for treating an enlarged prostate.

Pumpkin Seeds – Widely used for urinary symptoms of enlarged prostates and helps calm an overactive bladder.

Beta-Sitosterol Phytosterol Complex – Widely used with the above ingredients to help reduce the size of the prostate.

The main and sole purpose of Prost-Tech is to help support prostate health and you can easily do so by taking two capsules a day with a cup of juice.


Contains all the ingredients necessary to help promote a healthy prostate
Natural ingredients

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What are people saying about Pros-Tech Prostate Formula?

We could not find many reviews for Prost-Tech during our research, but of the ones we found we did not find any complaints and mostly received four or five stars out of five stars.

Most said that they were happy that there was a natural supplement they could take help them with their prostate problem instead of some medical prescription.

The men who had prostate pain associated with their enlarged prostate said that Prost-Tech worked very fast in getting rid of the pain, something they were very happy about.

Of the men who have been back for re-checks at their doctors, all were happy to report that Prost-Tech did work in reducing the size of their enlarged prostate. Some who caught it very early said it was just about back to normal size within a month and others said it took a few months to get it back to normal.

All in all, our research showed that most of the men were very happy with the Prost-Tech prostate formula and would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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