green coffee beans on tree.jpgGreen coffee bean extract has been in the news lately but we all know that weight loss fads come and go, and some are more sensible than others. One thing that people have realised over time is that there is no “magic bullet” for losing weight, just as there is no quick fix for better skin and no amazing miracle cure to stop you from aging. Once in a while, however, medical experts discover that an ingredient that we have ignored in the past can have a beneficial effect on the body – recent examples of this include vitamins D and B12, and the whole range of antioxidants.

The health preserving benefits of coffee

As one of those antioxidants, coffee has recently hit the headlines, and the benefits of coffee are only now really being investigated. There are some positive indicators that drinking coffee may help protect against developing diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, cancer, as well as conditions such as diabetes and dementia. At the moment there is not much consensus about how much coffee to drink per day in order to benefit from the health benefits of coffee – should we be drinking one cup a day, or maybe four cups per day to really see a difference in our overall health? The only thing that is really sure is that studies about drinking coffee will continue well into the future.

Green bean coffee compared to roasted coffee

green coffee beans being pickedAnother question that researchers are now focusing on is different types of coffee and their relation to weight loss and dieting. Thanks to some recent publicity (on the Dr Oz program) green bean coffee extract has hit the headlines and the internet is awash with people asking for more information about this ingredient. So what exactly is “green bean coffee”? Normal coffee, the stuff that you drink every day and buy from the coffee shops will, in the majority of cases, be brewed from blended and roasted coffee beans. Roasting the “green” coffee beans changes both the flavour and the chemical components of the coffee. Unroasted green beans can sometimes be bought from specialty coffee stores by discerning consumers who wish to roast their own coffee at home, as the green beans stay fresher for longer than the roasted beans and provide a more appealing taste when brewed.

While there have been many studies on the effects of drinking roasted coffee, there have also been similar studies on the health benefits of the unroasted or green coffee beans. While the research findings into green coffee beans are still considered preliminary, most researchers seem to find that taking green bean extract can aid in weight reduction. A study conducted by the Applied Food Sciences company (a company that supplies a form of the extract) found that participants lost around 10 per cent of their body weight while experiencing no bad side effects. The study’s results were published in the peer-reviewed Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal this year.

The various health benefits of green coffee

The health benefits of green bean coffee were also discussed recently on the Dr Oz Show in an episode featuring Dr Lindsey Duncan, and for many people this was the first time they had heard of green bean extract. Dr Duncan is a nutritionist and a Naturopath, and has been impressed enough by the results from studies that he now recommends taking the extract from green coffee beans for weight loss. Based on the current research, he suggests that it is the high levels of chlorogenic acid in green beans that may help in losing weight. He also has warned people against buying certain brands of green bean extract which do not contain 50% chlorogenic acids. He suggests checking the label before purchasing a supplement in pill form to see just how much of the actual extract it contains (or if you’re buying it online, do your research to ensure it is a reputable brand which contains quality ingredients).

What is chlorogenic acid and what is it good for?

chlorogenic acid for weight lossChlorogenic acid is an active compound that seems to boost the body’s metabolism and helps to burn fat in the liver more effectively. People in the research studies who took green bean coffee extract even lost weight without doing any extra exercise or changing their diets. It also seems to help prevent the release of glucose into the body, which in turn can help prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes. Chlorogenic acid is the ingredient in coffee that gives it its distinctive bitter flavour, and while green beans contain large amounts of the acid, most of it is removed through the roasting process (which means the coffee tastes “smoother” and less bitter).

Green coffee is low in caffeine

Just as an interesting aside, researchers have found that there are also other effects of chlorogenic acid in the body including improving erectile dysfunction and even lowering blood pressure. Apart from its weight loss benefits, the other great thing about taking green bean extract over drinking coffee is that the green coffee bean contains less caffeine than roasted coffee – green coffee has about 23 milligrams of caffeine per serving while roasted coffee can have between 100 to a whopping 400 milligrams of caffeine, depending on the way it is prepared. This way you can get the benefits of coffee without having the usual side effects of all that caffeine in your system. You can purchase green bean coffee extract as a liquid which you can drip under your tongue or add to juice or water, or you can buy the extract in pill form.

When you’re looking for ways to boost your metabolism and to lose weight, it is often easy to lose sight of the big picture: that is, that by modifying your diet and by exercising more regularly you will help your body to shed those extra pounds that have developed over the years. Considering using a weight loss aid such as green bean extract can be a great idea as part of a larger program to get fit and be healthier. And don’t forget to definitely keep an eye on the medical research on natural products that is being conducted as you never know what amazing everyday ingredients (such as coffee) that you may be overlooking!

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